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GFZ - GeoForschungZentrum

GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (GFZ)
The GFZ Potsdam was founded in 1992 after the re-unification of Germany. The interdisciplinary structure combining all geoscientific disciplines, including geodesy and engineering, is the outstanding characteristic of the GFZ. It has currently some 620 employees, about half of them scientists. Most of the research is carried out in broad national and international collaboration (
GFZ is equipped with a high-pressure triaxial cell that allows for simultaneous electrical resistivity and seismic wave speed measurements at reservoir p-T conditions for various saturation states (dry, brine, CO2, CO2-brine mix). The rock samples can be analyzed before and after the exposure to the fluids using various in-house analytical facilities to assess also the geochemical effects. In addition, the GFZ team possesses comprehensive know-how on downhole installation procedures, rig operations and corresponding borehole logistics.