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MEERIPAS - Mineral and Energy

Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (MEERI PAS) The Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences is a scientific and research unit involved in interdisciplinary research connected with a wide range of issues regarding mineral resources and the energy economy. Main research areas: Polish mineral resources, synoptic information on the geodynamics and geothermal characteristics of Polish geostructural basins, development of information systems for the purpose of forecasting the development of the mineral resource and energy economy, the rationalization of Polish energy policy and the incorporation of economic and ecological considerations (the theme include carbon dioxide geological storage), industrial waste storage in abandoned mine sites and management of municipal waste, the sustainable development of Polish regions.
There are over 100 well-experienced mineral and energy analysts and economists employed in the Institute.
In Geotechnology Division there are carried out research projects concerning underground of CO2 storage in Poland.
Scientific activities of Geotechnology Division regard:
CO2 underground storage from large sources of emission
Potential of deep aquifers and oil and gas deposits in Poland for underground storage of CO2
Structure mapping (aquifers, oil and gas deposits) for underground storage of CO2 in Poland
Pilot CO2 injection installation for EOR, monitoring and verification of underground storage of CO2
Our Institutes would like to do measurements of CO2 and methane in soil. We are thinking about conducting these measurements on the Tarnow site operated by Polish Oil and Gas Company.
Mineral and Energy