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K12-B - The Netherlands

Operator: Gaz de France

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K12-B is the first site in the world where CO2 is being injected into the same reservoir from which it was, together with methane, produced. Investigated is the feasibility of CO2 injection and storage in depleted natural gas fields and the corresponding monitoring and verification.
The K12-B gas field is located in the Dutch sector of the North Sea, approximately 150 km northwest of Amsterdam. Since 1987, it has been producing natural gas with a relatively high CO2 content. Prior to transport to shore the CO2 is separated from the natural gas. Until recently the CO2 was vented, but it is now injected into the gas field, at a depth of approximately 4000 m.
In 2009 the CO2 injection is still ongoing and since 2004 a total of 60 kT of CO2 has been injected in the nearly depleted gasfield K12-B.
The current monitoring activities are funded by the CO2ReMoVe project.
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